Hoot The Redeemer
- Our story -


It’s the 1950s and you are in New Orleans embracing a vintage funfair. There’s a Tarot reader ahead of you, a claw crane machine on your left, and an ice cream parlour on your right with a happy ice cream pot on the sign. No, this isn’t the beginning of a very strange dream – it’s what it’ll feel like walking into Hoot The Redeemer. Our ethos is that we aren’t a serious bar but we take having fun and making sure you have fun very seriously. Dive in and make your wish!

Captn Hoot

Capt’n Hoot:

Some say he used to be a pirate and that Popeye was his first mate for a while but that could just be plain Chinese whispers. To keep himself and his crew fresh on his boat ’The Royal Slush', he created his range of famed Slushies. He loves Scotland and created a drink to celebrate our great drinking tradition (guess which flavour we are talking about)!

Pinch n Sip

Pinch ’n’ Sip:

Our very lovely Pinch has been a Geenie for centuries. She is behind some of Scotland’s Historical landmarks. Did you know the Camera Obscura is made from her broken Mystic Ball? She loves good fun and giving choices to you. Choose from the Pinch ’N’ Sip machine for flavours your hearts desire in a cocktail or two!

Sr Scoop

Señor Scoop:

Señor Scoop, where do we even begin with him. He started off as a ice cube that had fallen out of his Ice machine home and blossomed into a global Ice Cream Superstar. He now runs his own enterprise self named Señor Scoop. He loves a bit of booze and can’t resist anything frozen. Whether it is freezing or roasting outside you know there will be a flavour to tickle your fancy!



The mystic wall


Come on down